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How Living Window can help.

  • Peace of mind knowing Loved One is offered personalized quality entertainment

  • Stay connected via personally recorded videos uploaded from anywhere

  • Release spouse or caregiver from burden of constant supervision

  • Cost-effective personalized entertainment relative to cable or satellite

  • Showcase life's moments from the past and the present

Care Facility
  • Keep the residents engaged and entertained

  • Help reduce resident boredom

  • Foster resident engagement with family

  • Ability to integrate with life enrichment programs

  • Potentially replace cable or satellite service

Loved One
  • Personal memory enjoyment

  • Entertainment aligned with personal interests

  • Stay connected with distant family

  • Daily activity and mental exercise

  • Repetition tailored to individual memory loss

Reflecting life.

                    Reclaiming memories.

Finding life's moments, again.

As we age, memory loss and mobility limitations interfere with our enjoyment of daily life and our connections to loved ones. Living Window provides a visual memory entertainment experience aligned with past memories and current family activities.


From anywhere, family stay involved in their loved one's life by selecting videos reflecting favorite past interests such as sports, politics, history, travel or any past experience. And of more impact, family can include videos of children and grandchildren sharing special life experiences, or just saying hello for a couple minutes.

"Thanks to Living Window we were able to deliver a personal video message to Grandpa Ray who lived a thousand miles away and was struggling with health issues. My dad and uncles who were with him in his last few days of life have expressed how deeply he was moved by the personal communication and the joy he experienced seeing and hearing us speak directly with him. And to know that he was able to really understand us through repetitive viewing instead of a confusing Skype call means the world to us!"

Lindsey & John